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 Inspired by & dedicated to the Lubavitcher Rebbe 

who encouraged and supported expressing the vibrance and vitality of Judaism through the arts


"As you are surely aware, the primary talent of an artist is his ability to step away from the externalities of the thing and, disregarding its outer form, gaze into its innerness and perceive its essence, and to be able to convey this in his painting. Thus the object is revealed as it has never before been seen, since its inner content was obscured by secondary things. The artist exposes the essence of the thing he portrays, causing the one who looks at the painting to perceive it in another, truer light, and to realize that his prior perception was deficient.

As we know from Torah, the entirety of creation stems from the word of G‑d which brings it into existence and sustains it in every moment of time. It is only that the divine power of tzimtzum (constriction) holds the divine life-force in a state of concealment and obscurity, and we perceive only its outer form (i.e., the physical reality).  

Our mission in life, based on the simple faith that "there is none else beside Him, is that we should approach everything in life from this perspective. That we should each strive to reveal, as much as possible, the divine essence in every thing, and minimize, to the extent that we are able, its concealment by the externalities of creation...So one must take great care that secondary and external matters should not obscure the essentials of life and its ultimate purpose.

 A person might experience difficulties, trials and challenges in separating the good from the bad. But these are but the means by which to achieve the purpose of life—that his soul should elevate itself through its positive deeds in this world... So one must never allow the difficulties in overcoming one's trials, or even the fact that one might occasionally fail and stumble, to overwhelm the joy that one must feel as a child of G‑d."

 (Excerpt of a letter written by the Rebbe to noted artist Hendel Lieberman, Chabad.org)


The Collection



The Tower of David

Although, not built by King David, this landmark reminds us of the unwavering bond between Jerusalem and the Davidic house of Royalty. It is Moshiach, who descends from the House of David who will bring back this city to it's full glory once again.


Rosh Hashana

The head of the year

 mitzvah tank.JPG 

  The Mitzvah Tank 

A common attraction in the big cities, the mitzvah tank has changed the landscape of the 20th century, defying the notion of “Be a Jew in your home and a man outside it”, bringing Jewish pride out into the open and setting the stage for a world where G‑dliness is revealed at every corner.  A mitzvah on the spot for people on the go!

Click here for more info on the Mitzvah Tank 


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The Chanukah Collection 

Bringing light to the world around us!


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The Mitzvah Campaign 



The Tzedakah Box Campaign  



The Tefillin Campaign 


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In Hebrew the word for prayer is "Tefillah" which means connection. Prayer is a time when creator and creation are in Sync. The gift that G‑d gives a finite human being, to be able to connect to the infinite truth of existence.  (Depicted are my grandfather R' Chaim Serebryanski, and noted chossid R' Avraham Mayor Drizin) 



This Gallery is dedicated to the loving memory of:

zaidy pic.jpg

 My Paternal Grandfather, R' Chaim Serebryanski 

My mentor, who deeply influenced my life from a very young age. His strength, faith, selflessness and sincerity will always be a guiding light.  

 Zaidy Yaakov.JPG

My Maternal Grandfather, R' Yaakov Kalman Hakohen Winter 

From a young age he always encouraged my artwork in his subtle warm way, with a twinkle in his eye, always reminding me to date and sign my art.  


feter hendel .JPG

Hendel Lieberman "Feter Hendel" 

My Grandfathers Uncle, and world renowned Chassidic Artist. Although I never met him, his warmth, love and passion is still felt in the family and in his art until today.